Commercial Septic Tanks up to 80,000 Gallons
 Septic Tank H2O 1000 Gallon
 Septic Tank ST 5x10 1500 Gallon H20
 Septic Tank ST 5x10-2 2000 Gallon/Heavy Duty
 Septic Tank ST 5x10 2500 Gallon H2O
 5'x13' H2O Septic Tank
 6'x12' H2O Septic Tank
 Septic Tank ST 8x14-4 4000 Gallon
 Septic Tank ST 8x14-5 5000 Gallon
 8'x14' 6000 Gallon H2O Tank
 Septic Tank ST 9x16-5 5000 Gallon
 Septic Tank ST 9x16-6 6000 Gallon
 Septic Tank ST 9x16-7 7000 Gallon
 9x16 Septic Tank 8000 Gallon
 9x16 Septic Tank 9000 Gallon
 9x16 Septic Tank 11000 Gallon
 H2O Septic Tanks 6000-15000 Gallons
 H2O Septic Tanks 11000-30000 Gallons
 Septic Tank 5x10 2000 Gallon H2O
Distribution Boxes
 5 Outlet Distribution Box DB5
 5 Outlet Distribution Box
 11 Outlet Distribution Box
 Distribution Box 2x2 DB9
 9 Outlet Distribution Box DB9
 10 Outlet Distribution Box
 Side Inlet Distribution Box
Electric Manholes
 Electric Manhole 4x4
 Electric Manhole 4x4
 Electric Manhole 5x5
 Electric Manhole 5x5
 Three Phase Transformer (PAD) Foundation TPNE1 750 Through 250 KVA
 SwitchGear/Multi-Phase Junction Foundation JF72S
 Three Phase Transformer (PAD) Foundation TPNE4 up to 300 KVA Comelectric Standard
 Three Phase Transformer (PAD) Foundation TPNE8 up to 1000 KVA Comelectric Standard
 Three Phase Transformer (PAD) Foundation TPNE12 25 KVA - 167 KVA Comelectric Standard
 Primary/Secondary Junction Box JB45R
 Primary/Secondary Junction Box JB45S
 Electric Manhole 5x5 EMH5D
 Eletric Handhole 5x5 EMH5R
 Electric Handhole 6x6 EMH6H
 Precast Electric Manhole 8x14x7
Flow Diffusers
 4x8-L Flow Diffuser
 4x8-S Flow Diffuser
 4x8-D Flow Diffuser
Grease Traps
 Precast Grease Trap ST6x6 1000 Gallon/H2O
 Grease Trap 1000 Gallon - H2O
 Particle Separator 1000 Gallon PS1000
 Grease Trap 1500 Gallon
 Grease & Grit Trap
 Oil Separator 1500 Gallon OS1500
 Mass two Compartment 1500 Gallon Septic Tank
 Gas Trap
Hand Holes
 MDC Handhole 18x24 HHMDC
 Electric Handhole 3'x3'x3'
 Electric Handhole R-20
Head Walls
 Headwall Detail for 12", 15", 18" R.C.P.
 Headwall Detail for 24", 30" R.C.P.
Leaching Chambers
 Low Leaching Chamber LC-6
 4x4x4 Precast Galley
 Precast Drywell or Leaching Basin
 2' Diameter Precast Dry Well
 6' Diameter Leaching Pit 3' & 4' Sections
 6' Diameter Leaching Pit
 8' Diameter Leaching Dry Well
Light Pole Bases
 City of Boston Light Base
 18x18 Anchor Base Foundation (SD-3-010)
 20" Diameter x5' Light Base
 24x24 Light Base
 24" Diameter Light Base
 66" Light Base Mass. D.P.W. #SD3.012
Manholes, Catch Basins
 Typical 4' Diameter Drain Manhole
 4' Diameter Precast Catch Basin
 Typical 4' Diameter Drop Over Manhole
 Typical 4' Diameter Sanitary Manhole
 4' Extended Base Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 4' Diameter Outside Drop Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 4' Diameter Drop Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 5' Diameter Drain Manhole
 Boston Standard Catch Basin Type No. 5
 Typical 5' Diameter Outside Drop Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 5' Diameter Drop Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 6' Diameter Drain Manhole
 Typical 6' Diameter Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 6' Diameter Outside Drop Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 6' Diameter Drop Sanitary Manhole
 Typical 8' Diameter Manhole
 Typical 8' Diameter Outside Drop Sanitary Manhole
 Sump for Round Catch Basins
 Gas Trap
 Standard Pump Chambers
 Drop Inlet 2'x2'
 Drop Inlet 2'x4'
 Catch Basin 2'x4'
 Worchester Standard Catch Basin
 3' Diameter Manhole
 8' Diameter Drop Sanitary Basin
 Boston Standard Catch Basin
 4' Diameter Double Open Catch Basin
 5' Diameter Double Open Catch Basin
 Precast Grade Ring
Meter Pits
 Meter Pit 4x4 MP44
 Meter Pit 5x5 MP55
 Meter Pit 6x6 MP66
 Meter Pit 4-6x7-7 MP47
 Meter Pit 6x12x6 MP612
 Meter Pit MP4
 Valve Box 3x3 VB33
 Meter Pit 3x3 MP33
 Tank Riser 2'x2' TR22
 Tank Riser 3'x3' TR33
 Outlet Control Structure with Weir
 Wetlands Crossing Retaining wall/Seawall
 Flush Drop Inlet Throat DIT MASS D.P.W. 203.7.0
 Bulkhead with Stairs
 "The Eliminator"
Pull Boxes
 Primary/Secondary Pull Box PBNE15 Comelectric Standard
 Primary/Secondary Pull Box PBNE16 Comelectric Standard
 Primary/Secondary Pull Box PBNE17 Comelectric Standard
 Pull Box 8"x23" PB823
 Pull Box 12"x12" PB1212
 City of Boston Pullbox PBCB
 Precast Pullbox City of Boston CBPB-Short
 Pull Box 2"x2" PB228
 Pull Box 2'x2' PB22
 Pull Box 13"x24" PB1234
 Hand Hole 3'x3'
 Hand Hole 3'x3'
Pump Chambers
 Standard Pump Chmbers
 Pump Chamber 4x4 CHP44
 Pump Chamber 4x6 CHP46
 Pump Chamber 5x5 CHP55
 Pump Chamber 6x6 CHP66
 Pump Chamber 6x8 CHP68
 Pump Chamber 8x8 CHP88
 Pump Chamber 5x10 CHP510
 Pump Chamber 6x10 CHP610
 Pump Chamber 6x12 CHP612
 Pump Chamber 9x16 CHP 916
 Sewage Pump Station with Valve Pit SPSV
 Grinder Pump Station GPS
 Two Level Submersible Sewage Pump Station SPS2
Residential Septic Tanks
 1500 Gallons Monolithic Septic Tank
 Septic Tank 1000 Gallon
 Septic Tank 1500 Gallon
 Septic Tank 2000 Gallon
 Mass. Two Compartment 1500 Gallon Septic Tank
 1500 Gallon Single Home Fast Tank
Siphon Chambers
 4x4 Precast Siphon Chamber
 Precast 6x6 Siphon Chamber
 5x10 Alternating Siphon Chamber
 Precast 6x12 Siphon Chamber
 Precast 8x14 Siphon Chamber
 9x16 Siphon Chamber
Utility Manholes
 Utility Manhole 3x3 UMH33
 Utility Manhole 4x4 UMH44
 Utility Manhole UMH55
 Utility Manhole 6x6 UMH66
 Utility Manhole UMH68
 Utility Manhole UMH78
 Utility Manhole 5x10 UMH510
 Utility Manhole UMH513
 Utility Manhole UMH612
Wing Walls
 Wingwall for 12" R.C.P.
 Wingwall for 15" R.C.P.
 Wingwall for 18" R.C.P.
 Wingwall for 24" R.C.P.

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